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Prophetic Blog

A Transformed body with a new Vision

A Prophetic Word to the Church in the days to come!

This was a Word the Lord gave me for the Church, just a glimpse into the days to come that bring assurance that the best days are yet ahead!.  We all can look at the Church today and see the faults and flaws in Her so much that you have to wonder, is the body of Christ really relevant today?  The world scoffs at us, and mocks us because we act like the world, yet the worlds demands more from us, a representation of what Christ is.  Many have lost there way and true love, yet there are some that have not!  Christ will move upon His Church again, I have felt compelled to share that God is not done with His Church nor is He done revealing His passion for lost humanity through His Son, Jesus Christ!  God is doing something within His Body that will take the world by storm!  You see We all look around at each other for solutions, then ask God "things are looking really bad down here please get us out of this jam!"  God is looking at us as the solution, the people of God who He wants to demonstrate His love and Power through even if it means rocking the boat a little to get our attention.  What he wants to do inside of you is greater than you can possibly imagine.  He had you in mind in this time and season to reveal Christ, that men would know Him as He is. Don't let opportunities that His grace has afforded you and what He has called you to be pass bye!  With God there is no accidents, that you could live in the darkest of days to see the greatest times of His Glory revealed on earth, that you could be one that rises above, shinning like the stars of Heaven making a way before the Lord!  I don't believe the naysayers who say God is done with America, and judgment is our destiny!  I believe America greatest days lay ahead!  Sure it looks bleak and hell seems bent on making everything that we put our hope in look discouraging, but our hope should be in Him anyway!  I tell you that America can and will be turned, but we must repent and pray and He will answer our prayers!  The Church of the living God will find Her way and spiritual Davids will bring her back to a place of vision and commitment to Christ.  This Word I received from Him was not for me, but Us, a Word of encouragement that He we will indeed resurrect His Bride into something so glorious that the world will be in awe of Her authority, character and love that will inspire Nations

        It first started with a vision of a ship that looked like the mayflower. I knew that this was not just a vision but a door in the spirit that was access to something more that the Lord had on his heart.  I had a choice to enter into the vision or pass it off as another random thought.  By experience in knowing how the Lord speaks to me, I took the door of opportunity and focused in on the ship in the vision.  Entering in I was caught up in the Spirit where I found myself watching a scene unfolding before my eyes.  I was literally there but watching it unfold as a movie but I was in the movie.  I saw a magnificent ship that looked similar to the Mayflower, the one Columbus would have sailed on going to America.  The ship just sat there in the ocean, as wave after wave of the oceans current would beat against the ship.  The ship wasn't moving and looked lifeless with a slight breeze feeling its large masts.  My attention was drawn to the huge canvas of the mast that was supposed to move the ship to its destination.  The canvas was a deep black that made you sense death.  While watching this mighty ship that lay waste in the ocean because of its poor shape, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit come next to me.  He whispered in my ear, this is the body of Christ as we see it.  She is sleeping like a giant.  Religion and tradition has put her to sleep, and the world watches as she plunges into empty works of flesh.  I looked on, feeling grieved for this ship that once stood as a mighty force.  Then without a moments notice, I saw two powerful hands on each side of the ship grab the sides of the vessel.  One pair of hands on one side, another pair on the other side started rocking it back and forth.  The ship staggered side to side like a teeter tooter.  Then a storm moved in with such violence that the ship lost her way and the rain pounded down with one wave after another.  The Holy Spirit spoke again, "I am releasing a shaking in the body that will put her on the right course.  I will divinely grab ahold of her and show her that I am in control of her destiny and destination."  

The storm continued to ravage the boat.  The Spirit then placed me on the top deck of the ship to watch what was going on inside of the body.  I saw the people like sheep being scattered, with confusion, fear and panic.  My heart went out to them as the rain and waves pounded them and there faces were in dismay .  Some searched for a way of escape instead of putting there trust in the Lord.  I saw some grab life boats and swim ashore.  The Lord spoke up, "Some trying to save there life will lose it, while others giving there life will find it. For the gateway to life is narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it."

  What they didn't realize even in the mist of the storm, there was a security found in the ship that only God could provide.  I looked behind the stern to see the leaders of the vessel on the top deck try to steer the ship out of the storm.  There was nothing they could do but let the storm take its course.  I saw modern visionaries trying to see past the storm but it was to fierce.  No man could stand to the strength of its power and fight.  The waves at one point were so intense that it actually grabbed a few leaders and dragged them off the boat into the depths of the ocean.  The Spirit of God spoke once again, "I bring low and I raise up, I am removing leaders and raising others up.  The leaders I am positioning will be ones with my heart and do and see as I do.  They will be my Davids, I will bring them out of humble beginnings and place them in charge of my sheep.  They will not suffocate my people with rules and laws of man but lead them in the paths of the Lord.  I will care for them and lead them to safe pastures."  

The raging storm finally started to come to a halt. The ocean waters that were once so hostile now where calm as if it looked like a sheet of glass. The air was clean and crisp as a new day had begun.  The black masts of the ship were still hanging on its tall poles. Suddenly a hand with a paint brush came out of heaven.  The paintbrush had blood on the end of its tip.  The hand with a stroke of an artist dabbed a drop of blood to its dead black sails.  The blood penetrated quickly into the canvas creating a magnificent pure white.  They were so white you couldn't even tell that a stain had ever scarred the canvas.  Again the Lord spoke with passion, "The preaching of the cross will be preached again, and it will clean the filthiness of the churches dead religion.  The blood will make her without spot or wrinkle or any blemish.  She will be holy and without fault and I will see her as the bride of Christ."  The ship was no longer just a sea worthy vessel but one that carried honor, for the latter was definitely greater than the former.  She began to move across the waters swiftly, with nothing stopping her progress.  The wind of the Spirit was in Her sails, and glorious days lay ahead.  As the ship picked up speed and looked like purpose was in her direction, I looked into heaven and saw the Lord sitting on His throne.  He wore a kingly golden grown with many jewels on His head.  His hair as white as snow.  His face beamed like lightning that revealed His greatness.  He sat on His throne clasping His hands with delight and joy. He laughed and watched the boat come into its place.  The Ship looked like a small boat in a bathtub from His view.  He shouted from His throne with excitement, "My body is coming into alignment with me.  I will be her head and she will be my body.  She will no longer bring an approach to me and the world but will be a sign and a wonder.  She will demonstrate my Kingdom wherever she goes and I will lead her to the ends of the earth to bring my love and power.  

Looking up into heavenliness I saw what looked like a transparency of a ship sailing across the clouds.  It looked exactly like the vessel on the ocean, but it was made of pure gold.  This heavenly ship was no doubt Gods vision of the perfect Body of Christ.  I then saw the Lord spring off His throne standing with excitement.   He declared with roaring passion, "I am becoming One with my Bride, and she will carry my Glory to the nations. She will walk in my purity and with my purity she will carry the gifts and fruit of the Spirit."  I knew that the ship that was once stagnant, now was being replaced with the life of the Spirit.    Without hesitation the transparent ship from the heavens collided into the ship moving across the waters, making One.  This ships sails became white with blue stripes, that covered all its masts, representing the Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit.  The transformed ship was made of pure gold revealing the blueprints of Gods perfect Body, with the Glory of God moving on the earth.  As they now where One, it was obvious that heaven had truly touched the realm of earth through this ship representing the Body of Christ.  She was beautiful to see and a perfected jewel made out of the trials of suffering.  Not only was She stunning in His Glory, but brought a revelation of Him that was only seen in Her.  She taught the world what it was to trust and believe in the One who was and will always be.  When She functioned as a whole Christ was seen in greater light of who He truly is.  The Body reflected The Lords power in restoration and the redeeming of fallen man to a place of Gods presence.  I came out of this God encounter, seeing and feeling His heart for His bride.  When the ship strayed so far away He was so near.  The Lord stirred her and turned the ships heart to a place where death once ruled life now reigned.  Let her now see the Lords willingness that we obey him and lead us into waters of righteousness.